We are consultants to our clients.

We truly listen to their needs and are invested in their success. We pride ourselves in developing the right marketing mix and winning advertising strategy.

Our customers trust us because they know we are helping them be successful and look good to their management.

What can the experts at ASA  do for you?

We will:

  • Evaluate the target¬† market, its publications and each account.
  • Develop custom presentations and promote advertiser opportunities.
  • Prioritize accounts, set appointments, make calls and close ad sales.
  • Complete the necessary follow up.
  • Work with your editors and sales management staff, including traveling in the field.
  • Refer leads to reps in other territories, and work hard on split accounts..
  • Read and study competitive trade magazines within a given market to better educate ourselves.
  • Assist on special advertising projects, research, promotion and collections.
  • Maintain the integrity of your rate card.
  • Work to enhance your image and develop competitive advantage.

We are also consultants to our publishers.

We can assist you with your media kits and other marketing materials. Our advise is always free.

With over 43 years of experience we are always striving to make you and your publication more successful in the marketplace..