Ad Sales Associates,  is a dynamic and highly successful publisher’s representative company based Northern California’s “Silicon Valley”  (Morgan Hill, CA).

Publishers depend on our company to deliver their magazine’s message to the right customers and prospects with all the enthusiasm and determination of the very best direct salesperson.

Our relationships with your customers are business partnerships. Everything we do, including phone calls, emails, faxes, personal visits, trade shows, etc., is with one goal in mind… to help them grow their business and show a good ROI from their advertising.

There are many publisher’s representative firms to choose from, but few that have the knowledge and expertise we are able to provide at Ad Sales Associates.

Advertising Sales is not a skills set…it is an art form!  Ad sales is like painting. And like painting, while anyone can be given the tools and taught the basics, not everyone is destined to become a master. – While most artists will improve with practice, few will become much better than average.

Great art does not all come from the same artist. Different artists use different techniques to achieve a great piece. Some of the worst art comes from those artists who try to be clones of a great master.

What makes a great master and a great advertising salesman is the culmination of all of their unique life experiences, of the many hardships and successes; finally developing into ones own style.

It is the repeatability of that style, and the respect of that great style, that necessitates that a master salesman’s or a master painter’s work command a premium…and always keeps the master’s work in great demand.

Ad Sales Associates – we are Masters of Advertising Sales